Leeds Landlord Accreditation Tenants Area - FAQ

1. How does an accredited landlord benefit me as a tenant?

The Leeds Scheme recognises good landlords and helps them differentiate themselves from less reputable landlords who give the rental market a bad name. It also allows tenants to seek out professional landlords who offer good, well managed accommodation.

It works by accrediting the landlord, not the property, therefore identifying the participants as competent and professional in their dealings with their properties and tenants, and with the skills necessary to run a successful business.

Leeds supports landlords with information and guidance on changes in legislation as well as best practice. Leeds is recognised by its distinctive logo and participating councils as seen on the homepage which members are able to use to demonstrate their professionalism and gain market advantage.

2. Is my landlord accredited?

If you are looking for a Leeds Accredited Landlord or a property owned by a Leeds Accredited Landlord use our accredited landlords page.

3. What do I get from my accredited landlord?

When you agree to rent a property from a Leeds Accredited Landlord you should receive:

4. How can I make a complaint?

A tenant should always approach their landlord if they have a complaint or if there is a problem with the property they are renting. Most complaints will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our landlords as they are keen to maintain their position as a landlord that has a good reputation for quality accommodation and good relationships with tenants. To make a formal complaint download the information for tenants and complaints form and send it back to us.

5. How can I contact Leeds?

Our correspondence details can be found on the contacts page.