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Leeds Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Map of Leeds

Below is a list of 286 LLAS Members who have properties in any of these LS postcodes

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Membership No. Name Postcodes  
A47982 A D Properties, Andrew Dodds LS4 LS5 Contact
A50327 A Different Way , Michael Aspinall LS7 Contact
A50260 A J Properties (yorkshire)Limited, stephen akers ls12 Contact
A50215 Abaris Properties and Lettings Ltd, Eamonn Ruane LS16 LS6 Contact
A50239 Roderic Aitkens ls12 ls4 ls6 LS6 ls6 ls7 LS7 Contact
A50258 margaret susan akers ls11 ls9 Contact
A50301 Alpha House Ltd, Firas Fadhili LS1 LS10 Ls11 LS11 LS12 LS14 LS28 LS9 Contact
A50201 Amritlal Parmar, Amritlal Parmar LS6 Contact
A50245 Andrew Doherty, Andrew Doherty LS6 Contact
A50279 Andy Bowman, Andy Bowman LS4 LS6 Contact
A48739 Jude Patrick Arbuckle LS6 Contact
A50170 zulfiqar aslam Ls3 Ls6 Contact
A48679 Aspden & Chadwick, Debra Aspden LS14 LS7 LS8 LS9 Contact
A50203 Aston Properties , Richard Aston LS17 LS18 LS2 LS28 LS3 LS4 LS42RE LS5 LS6 LS8 Contact
A50210 Avtar Properties, Sukhvir Thethi LS12 LS16 LS2 LS3 LS4 LS6 LS8 Contact
A50246 Amarjit Bahia LS6 Contact
A48874 Benchmark Property Homes Limited, Basil Jackson LS12 LS6 Contact
A49002 Andrew Bickley LS6 LS9 Contact
A50332 Bonnington Property Services, Adrian Bonnington LS4 Contact
A50250 Brayshaw Properties, Alison Brayshaw LS6 Contact
A48976 S Brown LS8 Contact
A49032 Rita Brown LS9 Contact
A48157 Rodney George Buckle LS12 LS18 Contact
A47925 Aldyth J Buckley LS6 Contact
A48928 C A Properties, Chris Richardson LS10 LS11 LS12 LS15 LS28 Contact
A48845 c/o Student Cribs Ltd, Mark Vaughan-Lee LS2 LS3 LS6 Contact
A50259 Canopy Housing, Sharon Whitehurst LS11 LS6 LS8 LS9 Contact
A47981 Carr-Hall Properties, R I Carr LS4 LS6 Contact
A48847 Cawdor Properties, Anna Badowski LS6 Contact
A48683 Central Lets (Leeds) Ltd t/a Central Properties, Sally Anne Heron LS16 LS4 LS6 Contact
A50319 Charles Walter Properties (UK) Ltd, Richard Christopher LS13 Contact
A48030 Cliffe House Properties, Lynda Carol Raddings LS6 Contact
A50320 Anna Conley LS13 Contact
A48878 Martin Cooper LS6 Contact
A50132 Katherine Corden LS6 Contact
A49028 Vincent Cowling LS26 LS9 Contact
A50144 crowther properties, Keith Crowther LS6 Contact
A50240 David Bradley Homes ltd, David Bradley LS13 LS14 LS2 LS6 LS7 LS9 Contact
A48088 James Davis LS6 Contact
A47938 DEU Estates, Surjit Singh LS12 LS16 LS2 LS3 LS4 LS6 LS61LB Contact
A48690 Valerie Anne Dew LS6 Contact
A48969 Diamond Cut Ltd, Andrew Stone LS17 LS8 LS9 Contact
A48677 Michael J. Dickinson LS11 Contact
A49043 David Diston LS4 LS6 Contact
A49014 Reg Dixon LS6 Contact
A50200 Doreen Robertson, Doreen Robertson LS6 Contact
A48678 I Dwyer DN14 LS4 Contact
A50148 Roger Dyer LS6 Contact
A50330 E J & A S Hodgson, Edward John Hodgson LS6 Contact
A48752 Sandra Celia Eastham LS16 LS6 Contact
A50120 Mohamed El-Moghraby LS61QP Contact
A47986 Falham Properties, Christopher John Falkingham LS11 LS16 LS27 LS4 LS6 Contact
A48999 Roger Farrell LS2 Contact
A48810 Randal Ffrench LS4 Contact
A48703 Finstore Ltd, D Allen LS6 Contact
A48828 FKF Partnership, Carl Foster LS11 LS12 LS19 LS6 Contact
A48926 G & A Hymas Properties, Gary Hymas LS11 Contact
A50115 Brian Gallagher LS4 LS6 Contact
A50205 Luciano Gambino LS11 Contact
A50276 GD & B Potter, George Potter LS6 Contact
A49103 GS Property Management Ltd, Gudrun Shemilt LS12 Contact
A48676 H K Properties, Tim Hunter LS11 Contact
A48914 Harji Karsan Hirani, Harji Karsan Hirani LS4 LS6 Contact
A50238 David Hart LS6 Contact
A48793 Hayden Daniel Properties Ltd, Martin Nigel Glynn LS11 LS16 LS17 LS4 LS6 LS7 ls7 LS7 LS8 LS9 Contact
A50199 Headingley Property Services, Graham Jarrett LS14 LS6 Contact
A49099 Alexandra Hearnshaw LS6 Contact
A49033 Carol Heaton LS11 Contact
A50306 Avon Ho LS11 LS9 Contact
A48819 Homefinders, Martin Frank Halliday ls19 ls3 ls5 ls6 LS6 Contact
A49070 Homes 4 U (Leeds) Ltd, Steven Pattenden LS10 LS11 LS12 LS13 LS14 LS15 LS7 LS9 Contact
A49049 William Hughes LS13 Contact
A48465 Jean Melanie Hussain LS7 Contact
A50179 Ian Oakshett, Ian Oakshett LS4 LS6 Contact
A50164 ingledew developments ltd, graham jackson LS2 LS4 LS6 Contact
A48207 Intercity Accommodation, John MacAlevey LS12 LS4 LS9 Contact
A48973 David Irving LS2 Contact
A50294 Isaac ODJE, Isaac ODJE LS2 Contact
A49052 Jagtar Properties, Jagtar Deu LS16 LS4 LS6 Contact
A50204 James A. Baird, James Baird LS6 Contact
A50147 jcka consulting ltd, jonathan arthur ls6 LS6 Contact
A48764 Sandra Jenkins LS25 Contact
A47998 Mark Jenkinson LS10 LS12 LS16 LS2 LS6 Contact
A48813 Sarah Margaret Jewhurst LS4 LS6 Contact
A48909 Just Properties, Justin Maxwell Harris LS11 LS13 LS15 Ls27 LS29 LS9 Contact
A50202 Karen Babayan & Chris Taylor, Karen Babayan LS6 Contact
A49109 Sefton Kelly LS7 Contact
A47861 Stephen Kettlewell LS12 LS7 Contact
A50135 Khalil Hussain, khalil hussain LS* ls1 ls2 ls6 ls63bj LS8 Contact
A48762 Ramesk C N Khetani LS17 LS4 LS6 LS8 Contact
A47946 Kindred Spirits Housing, Brian Richard Peace LS6 Contact
A48838 Christine King LS6 Contact
A47959 L & PW Mosby, Laurence Mosby LS6 Contact
A48493 Lakescene Associates Ltd, Janet Blythe LS6 Contact
A50271 Paul Lanfear LS12 ls13 LS7 ls7 LS7 LS8 Contact
A49023 David Andrew Lestner LS10 LS17 Contact
A48846 Carolyn Lewis LS6 Contact
A47873 Lingard Bell Ltd, Steven Rowley LS16 LS6 Contact
A47952 Tom Littlefield LS6 Contact
A50268 Aimar Lombard-Natheer LS1 Contact
A50304 LTPG, Nick Ward LS12 LS13 LS28 Contact
A50292 LTV Property Limited, Oliver Sutton LS11 LS8 LS83QT LS9 Contact
A50155 Luke Davis, Luke Davis LS4 Contact
A47851 M and J Estates, Michael Wisniewski LS6 Contact
A48688 Martin B Mack LS6 Contact
A48687 Richard E Mack LS5 LS6 Contact
A48671 Maple Estates, Jerry Chapman LS16 LS4 LS6 Contact
A50220 ANNE MASON LS6 Contact
A50176 Barry May LS12 LS9 Contact
A49029 Fergal McGreevy LS5 Contact
A48833 Howard Jack Michaels LS6 Contact
A48700 Susan Frances Michaels LS12 LS6 LS9 Contact
A50314 Hilary Mitchell LS11 Contact
A48792 Gary Moore LS6 Contact
A50232 Mr David Poppleton, David Poppleton LS6 Contact
A48686 Mr Paul Galbraith, Paul Edward Galbraith LS10 LS11 LS14 LS9 Contact
A48890 Simon Muddle LS12 LS9 Contact
A50329 Bhavini Nakeshree LS6 Contact
A48805 Paul Norman Nicholls LS4 LS6 Contact
A48444 Noble Hiles Associates, Maxwell Euan Noble LS4 LS6 Contact
A47846 Nylonco Properties, Sydney Serritt LS27 LS5 LS6 LS8 LS9 Contact
A48905 Oasis Properties, James Rosenberg LS2 LS3 LS4 LS6 Contact
A48893 Julie O'Brien LS15 LS8 LS9 Contact
A48829 Oliver Partnership, Carl Foster LS6 Contact
A48904 Stephen Ongley LS6 LS63BG Contact
A47836 P J Sheard Properties, Jennifer Sheard LS6 Contact
A49085 Palm Cove Society, Yvonne Hall LS6 Contact
A50315 paresh nakeshree, paresh nakeshree LS4 LS6 Contact
A50302 Jim Parker LS8 LS9 Contact
A50183 Parkes & Co, Andrew David Sugden Parkinson LS21 LS6 Contact
A50224 Parklane Properties Ltd, Naveen Ahmed LS16 LS17 LS2 LS3 LS4 LS5 LS6 LS7 LS8 Contact
A50184 Dhiraj patel ls13 ls17 LS8 ls8 LS8 ls8 Contact
A50193 Pathway Headingley, Nalinaksha Biswas LS6 Contact
A50180 Penacova Ltd, Linda Lunn LS6 Contact
A47844 Pickard Properties, Brian Pickard LS18 LS2 LS4 LS6 Contact
A48738 Pickard Property Services, Adrian Pickard LS12 ls12 ls27 LS28 Contact
A48799 Planning & Development Solutions, Amanda Brown LS7 Contact
A48702 Principal Properties, Daniel Steven Harris LS3 LS4 LS6 Contact
A48741 Janet Pritchard LS6 Contact
A48718 PV Castle, Paul Castle LS2 LS3 Contact
A47855 Simon Ray LS6 Contact
A47858 Redman Properties, Marilyn Redman LS6 Contact
A49106 RENTINC, Naveen Ahmed Leesd LS16 LS2 LS3 LS4 LS5 LS6 Contact
A48753 James William Riley LS6 Contact
A50185 RMUK PROPERTIES, Roberto Moura LS1 LS2 LS8 LS82AP Contact
A48862 Peter Robotham LS4 LS6 Contact
A50273 Royford Samuel Knight, Royford Knight LS11 Ls116eb LS8 Contact
A50326 Judith Russell LS4 Contact
A50296 S M Properties, Sodur Miah Contact
A50299 SBL Properties, Sheree Blanksby LS6 Contact
A50101 Scholefield Estates , Robin Edward Scholefield LS11 LS25 Contact
A48724 Michael Sharkey LS6 Contact
A50272 Silverspring Lettings, Ian Saul LS161DT LS61HH LS62RB LS63JW LS63LD Contact
A50321 SJ Property, Shiv Haria LS12 LS9 Contact
A50324 Graham Slater LS15 LS6 Contact
A48775 Ronald James Slinger LS3 LS6 Contact
A47882 Spencer Properties (UK) Ltd, John D Spencer LS10 LS11 LS12 LS13 LS16 LS18 LS2 LS5 LS6 Contact
A50177 Stephen Galbraith, stephen galbraith LS4 ls6 Contact
A50325 Sugarhouse Properties, Charles Aston LS2 LS4 LS6 Contact
A48640 Summerfield Services Ltd, Martin Priest LS11 Contact
A50124 Conrad szamocki Ls6 Contact
A48694 Chris Taylor LS17 LS2 LS4 LS7 LS8 Contact
A48036 Temple Way Properties Ltd, Derek Bethell LS6 Contact
A50318 Gavin Thomson LS12 LS15 Contact
A49057 Thorpe Lettings, Stephen Thorpe LS2 LS8 LS9 Contact
A49086 Roy Wyndham Tucker LS6 Contact
A48856 John Gregory Tunstall LS16 LS6 Contact
A48471 Owen Turnbull LS5 Contact
A47878 Unipol Student Homes, Geneve Smith LS11 LS2 LS20 LS3 LS4 LS5 LS6 LS7 LS8 LS9 Contact
A50323 Fiona Venner LS7 Contact
A48897 Waterhouse Properties.co.uk, Carole Waterhouse LS4 LS6 Contact
A50126 Weber Hammond Watkins, Cain Arron Weber ls62ln Contact
A48732 Simon Webster LS6 Contact
A50322 Whelan, Mark Whelan LS6 Contact
A48706 Andrew J White LS12 Contact
A50221 richard willis ls10 ls11 ls13 ls9 Contact
A48014 Keith Willis LS16 LS20 LS3 LS6 Contact
A50235 Yorkshire Prosperity Ltd t/a YPP, Mohammad Al-Najafi HG1 LS2 LS3 LS6 Contact
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