I have activated my account but have not recieved my verification email

Follow these instructions if you have tried activating your account and used the LLAS site.

IMPORTANT: If you have registered previously on the LLAS site follow instructions below.

If you have completed the activation process and still cannot Log-In you need to check your email inbox/junk folder as a link has been sent to you.

NB. This email will be generated as part of the process

You need to click on this link which will validate your email and return you to the LLAS site; you can then proceed to the Log In Tab as shown below:

Log In with the password and email address you entered at the activation process.

You should now be able to renew your membership, by following the instructions below:

You will be asked to confirm whether you are a member of UNIPOL and the number of properties in the scheme with them. Insert the figure and then proceed to enter the number of properties outside the UNIPOL scheme.

You will then be informed how much is due and be asked for payment.

Click on 'make a payment'.

You will then be transferred to the 'World Pay' site where you can select the card type you will use to pay your subscription (Debit or Credit Card).

Please complete the card and personal details as requested and confirm payment.

You will then be sent an email from 'World Pay' confirming payment of the membership fee.