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"Become an elite landlord by joining the LLAS today"

Leeds Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) is a voluntary scheme that private
residential landlords are encouraged to join by Leeds City Council

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Become a member of LLAS

If you have property which falls into any postcode from LS1 to LS29 then you can gain advantage over rival landlords by becoming an LLAS Member. You can apply to join the LLAS for a small annual fee and experience a huge number of membership benefits.

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The aims of the scheme are to encourage, acknowledge and actively promote good standards of privately rented accommodation. LLAS considers management standards and landlord knowledge an important part of being a good landlord as well as having reasonable property standards. Landlords, tenants and members of the community will enjoy the benefits of good property conditions, competent management standards and considerate neighbourly behaviour.

The Scheme Terms & Conditions can be found here.

LLAS members receive a whole host of benefits:

Landlords who join the LLAS will become part of the elite group of landlords in Leeds and will subsequently earn recognition for their commitment to providing a good standard of housing to tenants. This means that as part of a premier league of landlords, they could potentially charge more for rent and get more out of their investment following a small payment for an LLAS membership.

Members of the LLAS will not only be known as superior, accredited landlords who are regarded as more trustworthy in the public eye, but they will be eligible for numerous discounted HMO or selective licensing fees from Leeds City Council.

By working together with landlords, Leeds City Council and LLAS will continue to recognise, promote and raise good standards of property management and conditions within the Private Rented Sector in Leeds.
It will continue to contribute towards Better Regulation, as accredited landlords will be demonstrably lower risk and require lower levels of public resources for enforcement.

To become a member of LLAS requires a commitment and an agreement to abide by the scheme requirements which can be read or downloaded by clicking here. Please ensure that you are aware of what is required before you submit your application. If you would like to join then you may use our online application form, or you can download an application form and send it back to us.

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Membership Options

Number of Properties Fee
Up to 5 £45
6-10 £90
11-20 £135
21-30 £180
31-50 £225
51-100 £270
100+ £315